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The Java Republic
Chronicle of the Free Java Now Campaign; Open Source Core Java News Weblog

Viva News Wire - Subscribe/Unsubscribe
Breaking News About Open Source Core Java Building Blocks; also known as the viva-announce Mailing List

Planet Classpath
Free Java Hacker Blogger Site

Linux/Open Source Java FAQs

Debian GNU/Linux Java FAQ
Q: What are the problems with Suns' new license? A: Sun has moved to a new license the Sun Community License, like the GPL it is a viral license, but making all it touches subject to Sun licensing fee. The SCSL even goes so far as to define any implementation of a Sun specification as a "Modified Work". Basically, this means that if you implement any part of the new 1.2 API or Jini API, even from scratch, Sun will "own" your implementation and you will have to pay them for the right to use it.

Blackdown Linux Java FAQ
Q: What issues are relevant to understanding Java licensing? A: As a developer, you unfortunately may not redistribute the Blackdown JDK on CDROM without permission from Sun. Sun has suddenly become very clear about this. Commercial Linux distribution vendors such as Red Hat must work with Sun directly to secure such rights. J2SE (Java 2 "standard edition") source is available strictly through Sun to those willing to agree to a license containing certain intellectual property restrictions.

GNU Classpath FAQ
Q: But isn't Java free already? A: Sun Microsystems, the company who has created Java, currently distributes the “Java Development Kit” and “Java Runtime Environment” at no cost. The former even comes with the source code of the standard class library. However, the “Sun Community Source License” does not grant essential freedoms, for example the right to distribute a modified version of the code. Therefore, Sun’s implementation does not qualify as Free Software.

Linux Java Mailinglists

Debian GNU/Linux Java Mailinglist
Discussion about the packaging and use in Debian of VMs and compilers for Java, and programs written on it

Blackdown Linux Java Mailinglist
General discussion list for Java on Linux

Major Open-Source Java Runtimes

a clean room implementation of the Java runtime (contains no Sun source code at all, and was developed without even looking at the Sun source code); licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

gcj (GNU Compiler for Java)
a portable, optimizing, ahead-of-time compiler for Java; supports most of the core Java APIs including collections, networking, reflection, and serialization

Major Open-Source Java Runtimes For Mobile Devices

Waba |
small, efficient and reliable Java runtime for mobile devices; Waba for Palm OS; Waba for Newton; Waba for Gameboy Advance; Waba for MS-DOS; Waba for TI calculator; Waba for iPaq and more; licensed under GNU GPL

SuperWaba |
extension of Waba; Virtual machine for Palm OS and Windows CE; licensed under GNU LGPL

Open-Source Java Compilers

high-speed byte-code compiler for Java written in C/C++; licensed under IBM's Public License

KJC (Kopi Java Compiler)
byte-code compiler for Java in Java; licensed under the GNU GPL

Open-Source Java Class Libraries

GNU Classpath
a 100% free, clean room implementation of the core Java class libraries to offer a free alternative to Sun's proprietary libraries

Open-Source Java Test Suites

a free test suite for the Java class libraries

Java API compatibility testing tools; licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

Open-Source UI Toolkits

Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)
licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL)

wx4j (wxWidgets for Java) |
Java Bindings for the Open-Source wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) UI Toolkit

Java Gnome |
Java Bindings for the Open-Source Gnome/Gtk+ UI Toolkit; licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL)

Qt Java

Major Open-Source Scripting Languages For Java

Jython (Python for Java)


Open-Source Core Java Libaries/APIs

Open-Source Logging Toolkit; boycott the Java 1.4 java.util.logging package and use the better log4j package instead

Alternative Open-Source Multi-Language Runtimes

Open-Source Multi-Language Runtime; Supports C#, Visual Basic and More; Support for Java upcoming; headed by Miguel de Icaza

Open-Source Multi-Language Runtime in C; licensed under the GNU GPL; headed by Rhys Weatherley

Open-Source Multi-Language Runtime; supports Perl 5 and Perl 6; support for Python, Java and more upcoming.

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