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Viva - Open Source Java Strategy/Policy Links

Open Source Basics

What is Open-Source? Open Source Insitute (OSI) Definition
Sun like Microsoft tries to spread confusion what open-source is using fake open-source licenses such as the Java Research License (JRL) or the Sun Community Source License (SCSL) similar to the Microsoft Shared Source License; don't be fooled.

It is better to be open than to seem open: Open-Source vs. Shared-Source
To understand the difference between shared source and open source read Michael Tiemann's talk transcript titled "On Shared Source". Just replace Microsoft with Sun and Shared Source with Java Research License or Sun Corporate Source License. Sun is using the same marketing ploy to fool the world.

Why Set Java Free

Why Set Java Free?

Eric S. Raymond - Open letter to Sun: Let Java Go
Sun's insistence on continuing tight control of the Java code has damaged Sun's long-term interests by throttling acceptance of the language in the open-source community, ceding the field (and probably the future) to scripting-language competitors like Python and Perl. Once again the choice is between control and ubiquity, and despite your claim that "open source is our friend" Sun appears to be choosing control. Sun's terms are so restrictive that Linux distributions cannot even include Java binaries for use as a browser plugin, let alone as a standalone development tool. Mr. CEO, tear down that wall. You have millions of potential allies out here in the open-source community who would love to become Java developers and users if it didn't mean ceding control of their future to Sun. If you're serious about being a friend of open source, if you're serious about preparing Sun for the future we can all see coming in which code secrecy and proprietary lock-in will no longer be viable strategies, prove it. Let Java go.

Eric S. Raymond - Let Java Go, Round 2
No amount of talk or posturing can change the fact that Java's "Sun Community Source License" is an instrument of proprietary lock-in, and most open-source developers simply do not want any part of that. But the most serious problem in Mr. Phipps's statements (at least, in the excerpts that I have of them) is his claim that Sun exercises no more control over Java than anyone else in the Java Community Process. This is simply false: Sun controls the license. If and when the Sun Java codebase is open-sourced, it will be Sun's decision and Sun's alone to do that. Again, Mr. Phipps damages Sun's case by the manner in which he chooses to defend it. Hiding behind the "Java Community Process" is disingenuous and dishonest.

IBM: Open Letter To Sun: Let's Open Source Java
Rod Smith (IBM): Here is the offer: IBM would like to work with Sun on an independent project to open source Java. Sun's strong commitment to open source Java would speed the development of a first class and compatible open source Java implementation to the benefit of our customers and the industry. IBM is ready to provide technical resources and code for the open source Java implementation while Sun provides the open source community with Sun materials, including Java specifications, tests and code. We are firmly convinced the open source community would rally around this effort and make substantial contributions as well. This would be a very exciting step for IBM and Sun. I am convinced that the creation of an open source implementation of the Java environment would be of enormous importance to the developer community and our industry's collective customers. It would open a whole world of opportunity for new applications and growth of the Java community. In addition, this would accelerate the growth and adoption of technologies that are built on Java and are critical to our customers today, including Web services and Service Oriented Architecture.

"Let's Bundle Free Java with Linux," Says IBM's Sutor
"If you could get every Linux distribution with an official, certified Java implementation where you could count on what it did, what its characteristics were, that would be a very powerful thing," said IBM's Bob Sutor last week ... Bundling open-source Java with Linux distros would create a compelling OS platform that would help to further boost Java's standing in the market, in Sutor's view. Plus such an implementation could also benefit "from the combined expertise of each Java vendor." "IBM does some things better than others, maybe others do some things better than IBM," Sutor conceded. "If we could pool our collective resources and arrive at the best possible common implementation that is widely available, it would mean we could put fewer resources on this."

How To Set Java Free

What do we need to make Java free?
Though it would be helpful if Sun would open their sources, this is not the most important step toward a free Java. Even more important for a free Java are:

JCP 2.6 - Are we there yet?
No, of course not and you bloody well know it. The real question is once you get there will anyone still care?

Wiki Wikis

Rethinking The Java Cartel Process (JCP) Wiki @ Java.Net
moderated by Andy Oliver; topics under review: 1. ProposedRestrictionsOnSpecLeads, 2. ProposedPolicyOnNonDisclosureAgreements, 3. ProposedMembershipOfExpertGroups, 4. ProposedProtectionOfIntellectualProperty, 5. ProposedInteractionWithOpenSource, 6. ProposedRulesOfDecisionMaking

Open Source Java F.A.Q. Wiki
Wiki waiting for your questions and answers about open source Java

Who's Who - Free Java Hacker Weblogs

Andy Oliver
Apache Veteran (founder of Jakarta POI) leading the "Rethinking the Java Cartel Process (JCP)" study group.

Planet Classpath
Free Java Hacker Blogger Site; All Star Team includes Arnaud Vandyck, Dalibor Topic, Graydon Hoare, Grzegorz Prokopski, Jeroen Frijters, Jim Pick, Mark Howard, Mark Wielaard, Sascha Brawer, Steven Augart, and Tom Tromey

Sun Links

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) Sun Community Source Licensing (SCSL)
Microsoft style shared license scheme; look but don't touch; please fix our bugs and hand over your patches for free for the greater glory of the Sun empire

Sun's Java Cartel Process (JCP) Site
gigantic ponzy scheme to fool the world that Java is "open"

Sun Corporte Source Licensing (SCSL) FAQ
Q: If Sun uses my modifications, do I get paid? A: Of course not you fool. As a member of the Sun "community", any modifications you decide to share are posted to benefit the glory of the Sun empire. This is covered under the "Contributor Grant" section of the license.

Sun Corporate Source License (SCSL) Principles
Self-styled genius Bill Joy spreads open-source FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and defends Sun's "community" source rip-off scheme.

JavaWorld: A fact-based analysis of the JCP's effectiveness
Sun friendly "critique" of the Java Cartel Process (JCP); reminder: the trade press depends on advertising dollars from vendors such as Sun; alas, JavaWorld sold out long ago

What is Open Source? @ SunSource.Net
For us, an Open Source project implies a commitment to treat the code as a shared resource and outside developers as equals; to adopt design and implementation methodologies that makes no distinctions between inside and outside developers; and to provision the project with enough resources that it be successful. Hear. Hear.

Why is Sun Doing Open Source? @ SunSource.Net
We believe in shared innovation. We believe in the customer and partner benefits of Open Source. We believe in the increased quality and security of Open Source software. We believe in Open Source beyond platforms and utilities. We believe in developing a shared code literature. Hear. Hear.

Sun Open Source F.A.Q. @ SunSource.Net
Q: Why is Sun doing open source? A: Sun participates in open source because it helps spark innovation, improve software quality, and fosters community. Producing open systems has been the hallmark of Sun's business philosophy since its founding. Today, what better avenue for openness is there than open source? Q: Will Sun make Java Open Source? A: Not any time soon. Please, hand over your patches and shut up.

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