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Viva - Open Source Java Runtimes

Major Open-Source Java Runtimes

a clean room implementation of the Java runtime (contains no Sun source code at all, and was developed without even looking at the Sun source code); licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

gcj (GNU Compiler for Java)
a portable, optimizing, ahead-of-time compiler for Java; supports most of the core Java APIs including collections, networking, reflection, and serialization

Major Open-Source Java Runtimes For Mobile Devices

Waba |
small, efficient and reliable Java runtime for mobile devices; Waba for Palm OS; Waba for Newton; Waba for Gameboy Advance; Waba for MS-DOS; Waba for TI calculator; Waba for iPaq and more; licensed under GNU GPL

SuperWaba |
extension of Waba; Virtual machine for Palm OS and Windows CE; licensed under GNU LGPL

More Open-Source Java Runtimes

SableVM |
a portable bytecode interpreter written in C; headed by Etienne Gagnon; licensed under GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL)

A Java virtual machine for Mono (.Net); licensed under a zlib/libpng-style license; headed by Jeroen Frijters

IBM Jikes Research Virtual Machine (RVM)
Java runtime written in Java; Jikes is a self-bootstrapped virtual machine (that is, its Java code runs on itself, without requiring a second virtual machine); licensed under the CPL (Common Public License)

Intel Open Runtime Platform (ORP)
Java runtime written in C/C++; licensed under the Intel Open Source License

joeq Virtual Machine |
Java runtime in Java; headed by John Whaley; licensed under GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL)

Kissme |
Java runtime; licensed under GNU GPL

Java VM that supports multiple, separate processes (called "teams" in JanosVM) within a single VM; research project spearheaded by University of Utah

Java runtime; spearheaded by Seoul National University; licensed under a BSD-style license

Aegis VM |

Jam VM |

clean room Java runtime licensed under a BSD-style license

clean room Java runtime licensed under GNU Library GPL (LGPL); last release on June 2002

Alternative Open-Source Multi-Language Runtimes

Open-Source Multi-Language Runtime; Supports C#, Visual Basic and More; Support for Java upcoming; headed by Miguel de Icaza

Open-Source Multi-Language Runtime in C; licensed under the GNU GPL; headed by Rhys Weatherley

Open-Source Multi-Language Runtime; supports Perl 5 and Perl 6; support for Python, Java and more upcoming.

More Open-Source Java Runtime Links

joeq Virtual Machine Links

Kaffe Links

Marco Schmidt's JVM Links

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