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Viva - Open Source Core Java Bookshelf

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Includes GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ)
GCC: The Complete Reference
by Arthur Griffith
647 pages, McGraw-Hill, September 2002, ISBN: 0072224053
Eclipse, Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), JFaces
The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse
by Sherry Shavor, Jim D'Anjou, Dan Kehn, Scott Fairbrother, John Kellerman, Pat McCarthy
896 pages, Addison Wesley, May 2003, ISBN: 0321159640
Eclipse in Action: A Guide for the Java Developer
by David Gallardo, Ed Burnette, Robert McGovern
380 pages, Manning, May 2003, ISBN: 1930110960
Manning, Amazon
Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plugins
by Kent Beck, Erich Gamma
320 pages, Addison Wesley, October 2003, ISBN: 0321205758
Eclipse for Java Developers
by Berthold Daum
448 pages, John Wiley, January 2004, ISBN: 0470869054
Wiley, Amazon
Python for Java (Jython) - Scripting Power - Do More With Less (Lines Of Code)
Jython Essentials
by Samuele Pedroni, Noel Rappin
304 pages, O'Reilly, March 2002, ISBN: 0596002475
O'Reilly, Amazon
Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries: A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications
by Richard Hightower
640 pages, Addison Wesley, June 2002, ISBN: 0201616165
Jython for Java Programmers
by Robert Bill
500 pages, Sams, December 2001, ISBN: 0735711119
Python in a Nutshell
by Alex Martelli
600 pages, O'Reilly, March 2003, ISBN: 0596001886
O'Reilly, Amazon
WebWork, Velocity, XDoclet, and more
Mastering Apache Velocity
by Jim Cole, Joseph D. Gradecki
372 pages, John Wiley, July 2003, ISBN: 0471457949
Wiley, Amazon
Java Open Source Programming with XDoclet, JUnit, WebWork, Hibernate
by Joseph Walnes, Ara Abrahamian, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Patrick Lightbody
426 pages, John Wiley, November 2003, ISBN: 0471463620
Wiley, Amazon
XDoclet in Action
by Craig Walls, Norman Richards
320 pages, Manning, November 2003, ISBN: 1932394052
Manning, Amazon
Professional XDoclet 2.0
by Aslak Hellesoy, Ara Abrahamian, Richard Hightower
504 pages, John Wiley, February 2004, ISBN: 0764557408
Professional Java Tools for Extreme Programming: Ant, XDoclet, JUnit, Cactus, And Maven
by Richard Hightower, Nicholas Lesiecki, Maciej Zawadzki
816 pages, John Wiley, January 2004, ISBN: 0764556177
Why Open Source? - Welcome to the Free World - Background Reading
The Business and Economics of Linux and Open Source
by Martin Fink
272 pages, Prentice Hall, September 2002, ISBN: 0130476773
The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World
by Lawrence Lessig
384 pages, Vintage Books, November 2002, ISBN: 0375726446
Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web
by Tim Berners-Lee
256 pages, Harper Business, November 2000, ISBN: 006251587X
Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
by Linus Torvalds, David Diamond
288 pages, Harper Business, June 2002, ISBN: 0066620732
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
by Brian Behlendorf, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Wall, Bob Young and many more
280 pages, O'Reilly, January 1999, ISBN: 1565925823
O'Reilly, Amazon
Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution
by Glyn Moody
344 pages, Perseus, July 2002, ISBN: 0738206709
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